Hair laser

The Boston hair laser is the first and unique Laser machine in all over the world built only for scalp and hair treatment. This appliance unique in the world, comes out from a long and complex scientific research, which lasted many years. It is an appliance completely new and can't be compared with any other existing appliance on the hair treatment field. It is a revolutionary machine, absolutely extraordinary, which avails itself of sophisticated technical realizations in the lead covered by a serial of international patents. It is an appliance which issues and He-Ne Laser Light (Now InGaAlP) which reaches the scalp (the penetration in the skin is for some millimeters) thanks to 130 optical fibers which optimize the rays offering to the entire surface of scalp an identical and well spread irradiation. Notwithstanding these proprieties the use of the appliance is simple and does not need specialized technicians. It is completely automatic.


Laser device has demonstrate big cosmetology proprieties Its effect is in fact double: it determine the opening of all scales of hair (after that scales will close perfectly) and halves the time for chemical reaction of dyeing process, and it will demonstrate essential to obtain the complete and uniform covering of color, reflex and brightness of hair. Equivalent results will be obtained in the process of fixing and completing a perm; hair is very consistent both at the root and at the tip. To make the above mentioned treatments, methods and techniques with the time of laser irradiation, are detailed described in special clinical procedures specific for each treatment, made by specialized physicians of the "International Laser Research Group'. Laser device "hair treatment laser system" is manufactured in only one model: Type AT/InGaAlP/70 230V. 10W. 50/60HZ - SCALP BIOSTIMULATION CYCLE :   20 Applications for 20 minutes at time Here after the application in the curative field as:
  • Scalp biostimulation.
  • Stopping hair fall.
  • Normalization of seborrhea.
  • Hair strengthening.
  • Regeneration of weakened hair.
  • Recovering of hair after bleaching, dyeing, permanent wave.
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