Who we are

Our Company start in 1969 as a firm producing electrical household appliances that is steamirons, floor polisher, hairdryers and electrical curlers for home use.

Since 1975 our production has been addressed to the field of the hairdresser and beauty parlours with a whole set of professional hand hairdryers, electrical hair brushes, professional electrical hair-curler, trichologic videocamera, microviewer and other accessories for the hair trealment.

In 1990 we conceived, planned and carried out the first Trichologic Laser existing in the world for the baldness treatment; Patented as industrial invention in all over Europe and USA. The carring out of this special Laser machine was executed with the cooperation of an Italian lndustry leader in the field of the Laser system and light technology. At present more than 5000 appliances have been sold in all over the world.

Contestually we carried out another applicance called MAGIC SHOWER irradiating a pule visible red light, the same wavelenght 655nm of the Laser light, to help the Salon to obtain beautiful hair and healty scalp quickly, safely and painlessly.

At present the plan "PULSAR" include a home IPL epilator for the painless progessive final epilation, and also an other very little model of IPL epilator for personal use wich can take place confortably in your own house and also for your trip.

These appliances, whole of Italian origin, have been carried out with the cooperation of the above mentioned italian firm.

All product carried out by our Company are manufactured in conformity with the intemational safety regulation CE marked and guaranted by the most important Testing Institute.

Here are our products:

  • Boston Laser Hair
  • Bostonette Hairdryers
  • Magic Shower
  • Pulsar

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